Who is Saul Z?

"I am a lifelong creator of music"

Way back when...
in Bayside Queens, NY, from the age of 3 years old, before I could actually complete sentences, I was writing songs.  
Here I am today, still much like a 3 year old, and still writing music always.
Most of the kids I knew were into video games, beer, drugs etc...
All that I cared about was making music. 
There were no cell phones, there was no internet,
Music was valuable and people treasured it.
I searched for others that were equally passionate about making music.
This was when we wrote and performed music simply because it took over our souls.
So for me, like many others, it was in my blood from the very beginning, and making music was all that I thought about. 
It was during those early years that my older brother turned me on to bands like
The Beatles, The Who, The Cars, The Police, Yes, Black Sabbath, Rush etc...
That fueled my creativity in a big way.
I got my hands on a basic four track tape machine and began a journey recording  my music.
I released my first solo album when I was 13 years old.
That’s when it REALLY started.  
We fast forward…
Currently I spend my time performing around the US and Canada, or in my recording studio making my own music.
Constructing new music, exploring new sounds and pushing technology is my happy place :).
When I'm home, I'm playing/producing/mixing and mastering my music and the music of others at STUDIO Z.
Studio Z is a full blown recording studio with more than everything one would ever need to be creative..
I’ve released twelve of my own studio albums now, one live album and produced/worked with SO many other
major and independent acts.   
During this journey I've secured two major recording contracts,
two major publishing deals, and have been around the world several times
playing my music and music by artists that I respect.  

Some of the highlights…
include touring with Ace Frehely, Adrian Belew, Crash Test Dummies etc.... 
Performing thousands of shows all over the globe. I even remember some of them.
Mixing / tracking music for other artists such as Adrian Belew, Crash Test Dummies,
Blue Oyster Cult, Taylor Dayne, ATB and sooo many others.
I was in the first American band to ever play in Red Square, Moscow, in front of 70,000 insane fans.
Being featured on the cover of Guitar Magazine with Carlos Santana with a full feature article inside.
I've also been featured on Fox news several times.
But the biggest and most important highlights are when the music that I make has an impact on people.
And with that in mind I'm merely just beginning this journey.
There's still so much to do.
for those of you who are just now discovering my catalog of music and videos, welcome aboard and thanks for listening.  
For those of you who have been on board and know all of this already,
I love you, and know that you are the fuel that keeps me going.
The music has been heard in many films and tv shows, including...  
Crazy Love, Men In Trees, Party Of Five, 24, Wonderful World, Dirt, Beautiful People, Army Wives, Arrested Development and more that I can't remember right now :)
Maybe you’ve heard the song “Holiday” or “Chasin’ It” on major radio stations in the past.
Or maybe you've caught my band or one of my solo shows as I've been out on a USA or Canadian tour?
I do hope you liked the show.
Onward and forward...
Thanks again to those who have enjoyed my music over the years.
Keep tuning in... 
New music is always coming.
There's a new film coming!
I'm grateful for all of you.