"I am simply a lifelong creator and producer of music”

Saul Zonana


Artist Bio By Ted Hobson


Recording artist and multi-instrumentalist 

Saul Zonana, was born in Bayside, Queens NY,
and started creating music as a very young boy.

Before the internet, cell phones or any form of digital music,
Saul treasured making music and searched for others that were equally passionate.
It was during those early years that his older brother introduced Saul to bands such as The Beatles, The Cars, The Police, Yes, Rush etc…

So with his first 4 track tape recorder in hand, he began a journey writing and recording original music that to date has produced 17 of his original albums. 

Along with that, there is a super impressive list of artists
that Saul has produced or played with.
Saul came up through the music scene in New York.
His quirky pop style of song writing, along with his Lennon like singing style soon had him inking record deals with Warner Music, and TVT Records,
and scoring publishing deals with Universal and Polygram.

Some of the highlights of his early career include being the first American singer to ever play in Red Square, Moscow, in front of 70,000 fans, 

being featured on the cover
of Guitar Magazine with Carlos Santana,
being a featured artist on Fox news,
and worldwide solo tours.

Making his own music wasn’t the only path he took.
Saul played bass and toured with KISS guitarist 

Ace Frehley,
played guitar with the band 

Crash Test Dummies,

currently plays guitar and keyboards with 

Adrian Belew (Frank Zappa, David Bowe,King Crimson),
and has relentlessly toured the USA and Canada with these artists for decades.

I also found that Saul’s music has
been in films and TV shows, 
including Crazy Love, Men In Trees, Party Of Five, 24, Wonderful World, Dirt, Beautiful People, Army Wives, Arrested Development and on and on…

His songs “Holiday” and “Chasin’ It” were in
rotation on major radio stations in the past as well.

His latest release has produced several well viewed music videos and singles 
including “4u” and  “She's A Roller“Our Creator” and his recent release “The Big Blue Houe On The Hill”

If you’re just discovering Saul’s music now, sit back and enjoy what I consider to be great alt rock, classic pop rock and progressive rock music,
much like the bands that Saul was introduced to
by his older brother.
 Currently, Saul is consistently producing new music from Studio Z, in Franklin, TN, and asked me to share that he loves God, his family, and making music. 






"Songwriter/Producer/Guitarist Saul Zonana Releases His Most Accomplished Album to Date.  'Fix The Broken' is a Confident, Unexpected Mash-up of Progressive Pop Sounds and Old-Fashioned Rock. Brilliant Work"!
Top 40 Charts.com

"I first heard Saul’s name in 2003 when his CD Waves was released and his song “Holiday” was in heavy rotation. I bought the CD and was immediately a fan". http://boropulse.com
Jessica Kelsner,
"The mix is delicious, a huge collective landscape with plenty of sweetness on top and enough clarity down low for Zonana’s expert melodic sensibility on the bass to shoot right through. So who is Saul Zonana really? How about a brilliant songwriter/producer/engineer who happens to be a great bassist, guitarist, and lead singer? Accurate or not, we should all have such problems defining ourselves".
Bryan Beller,
Bass Player Magazine

 "With a track record that goes back to the 1990’s, NYC-bred, Nashville based Saul Zonona is no stranger to getting the best out of artists. Being a record producer is one thing, but as a pop artist in his own right, Saul equally has few peers. As a singer singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer / multi-instrumentalist, Saul once again gets it all together on his 2013 CD entitled Fix The Broken. Even though he set a bench mark for sonic excellence with his 2006 Love Over Money CD, 2013’s Fix The Broken maintains its sonic cool and offers up yet another worthy Zonana album. I’m pretty sure Saul can play drums, but on Fix The Broken he plays everything except drums, here employing the talents of 3 different drummers along with several other players and a 3 piece cello section. Saul Zonana delivers yet another pop masterpiece with Fix The Broken".

I'm also loving the latest album from Saul Zonana"Devolving".   Saul is a favorite of mine and his latest album is just great. It should have easily made into my top Power Pop albums last year, had I not missed it.  Only nine tracks this time but eveyyone a gem. 
I've loved every release Saul's made in his 15 year recording career.  He always manages to weave in great chord progressions into smart pop songs. In recent years, he's incorporate some prog elements but he hasn't lost his pop smarts.  I'd recommend every album he's released.  Saul does a great job of distributing his music and you can purchase almost every track he's released on his web site.    I've compiled just a few tracks he hasn't officially released.  These are the audio from several "live in the studio videos" that he recorded in his home studio in Nashville last year. Great tracks.  If you don't know Saul's music, consider these a taster.  You'll want to purchase the rest of this talented artist's catalog".
'classic rock website'




Here's what some cool people are saying:

Love the record! (no surprise there) “Yesterday”... heavy, sweet, beautiful. “You Against the World"...classic super Saul power.
And OMG: “Comeback”...! I want it to be 10 minutes long so I just loop it 3 or 4 times to get my fill. Daily. Great work.
Heavy rotation in the Fettersmobile. Thank you ?? ❤️
Rob Fetters (The Bears, The Raisins, Psychodots)

We listened to your music on the way to school this morning.
You are REALLY GOOD!! I can hear some John Lennon, Rush, and maybe some Genesis influences in your music - some of my favorites!
John O'Neill

Your new album IN THE MEANTIME is awesome and will not leave my playlist. I wish it had more minutes to it but the time zips by. There are several legit hit singles in any number of alternate universes here.

Zonana's new album "In The Meantime" is no surprise. Again, his latest album is chock full of great melodies along with beautiful complexities
that show Saul Zonana's wide range of musical intellect.
Easy to listen to for fans of all kinds of music.
Jerry Easton

Nice Mention in Guitar Player magazine. Click the image!